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Sina paragraph winter CHO: 50% of the resource management 20 per cent of key personnel

By the end of 2002, Section Winter joined SINA as Human Resources Director, the Chinese Internet, just by the Yin Zhuanqing. Three years, Sina has grown from 700 employees at the time to present more than 2,500 employees in more than 600 people each year at an average speed of the increase.


In 2005, Sina recruited more than 600 new employees. This is about more than 600 Zhong Jian more than 100 students, mostly through the Sina's "Intern Program" invites come in.

Sina does not recruit interns who have to graduating senior students. Section of the winter, said Sina's interns are from the sophomore, junior and started on the use of summer vacation and other time to practice.

Source of stability for interns, Sina long ago, and many colleges and universities to form long-term relationship, through their schools, or in person to find the relevant professional school students, and through a strict interview selected.

"We can provide a forum for these students so that they understand in the course of practice, their role in society from the natural role of the changes to help." Dong said paragraph.

In order to become familiar with the work of interns, Sina is generally the way to train an apprentice chef training, so that they start from the auxiliary work, and slowly into Sina's family.

Winter paragraph introduction, the students practice in Sina, the longest has been achieved two years, starting from the second year internship to graduate when they have older employees with SINA no difference between business in general are a graduate on the regularization the.

"When the last graduate, interns in nearly half of the people will choose to stay in Sina. Recruit these people and the community is different, Sina will sign them directly, without going through a long trial investigation." Dong said paragraph .

Good key management personnel

In Sina, staff turnover rate is generally carried out from a company-wide statistics. Section Winter said: "The talent flow from the point of view we do not look at the overall situation of the movement, look at the movement of key talent."

The so-called key personnel, with the famous economist Weiying winter section sentence speaking, the high mobility of the external and internal high scarcity. Mean: lack of market, lack of talent inside.

Sina's employment philosophy is to attract, retain and motivate the key industry personnel, and employment concepts are determined Sina will spend a lot of resources to operate these key personnel.

According to the winter section of introduction, the Sina-house only emphasized the key personnel, not emphasize key positions, "such as job prospects and security are critical, but these positions, the talent is not difficult to replace, so they are not key personnel."

Section of the winter that the key talents in Sina's turnover is very low, about 7% or less. In Sina inside, so that people in about 20%, mainly with the management of human resources leadership and core technical staff.

In order to retain these key personnel, Sina in resources will tilt to them, "50% of our training resources tend to key personnel, and in the material tend to have more than 50% of them."

In the early days of Sina, or the beginning of some business operations when key personnel also mainly go through the external market, but that people can select from a directly from the school, so the community is an important source of recruitment, but to the relative development of enterprises stable stage, the internal culture is critical.

Section Winter told reporters, Sina's key personnel are now even more than from the external to the internal training, because Sina is a rapid development and rapid innovation in the enterprise.

In Sina internal, for the selection of key personnel, mainly depends on its performance and capacity improved. "We have the ability to see whether his company's competitiveness in the future needs, whether in line with company strategy."

Winter said paragraph, but also by other individual assessment, to understand their personal development is consistent with the company's development, without which the key personnel can not be Sina.

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